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Dr Damian Kristof is an international speaker and lecturer who instills passion, damian_kristof_presenteranimation and zest in all his audience. His lighthearted but content rich presentations bring compelling and enlightening messages, which will inspire and stimulate all.

To experience Damian Kristof and his power to motivate and transform your constitution he offers half day, full day or multiple day packages as a mentor, lecturer or keynote speaker for any vocation.

The Power of Food
Damian shares his wisdom on health, healing and empowerment in an ‘edutainment’ fashion that will give you action steps and tools that you will never forget. He has the ability to reshape and transform the way you view food and health in a way that only Damian Kristof can!

Peak Performance
Damian is passionate about optimal performance and potential at work and play and offers Peak Performance Management; ideal for corporate industry. His high energy, revealing and relevant content complements the entertainment Damian brings to his powerful presentations.


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David Street Chiropractic

Finally a healthy option that is gluten free!! And so YUMMY! Thank you Forage people, keep ‘em coming!


Anne Everts, Personal Trainer

Awesome value in each and every Forage bag. I’ve just received 24 bags and every one weighs MORE than the quoted 500 grams and are bursting at the seams with healthy goodness. Thanks Forage for providing the best quality cereal out there!


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Many of our practice members found converting to a healthy breakfast to be amongst their toughest challenges, that is until we started stocking Forage. Forage is a great tasting, healthy alternative to the commercially available cereals and our practice members love it as evidenced by our repeat sales. In fact many people come in even when they don’t have an adjustment just to restock their pantry!


Dr Brett Hill, Green Hill Chiropractic