I drink zazen water to help live a longer, healthier life.

Now you can too!

“I love the look, the taste and the health benefits of my Zazen filter. I recommend filtering your water and I use my Zazen to do that for my family”

A foundation to your daily wellness strategy.

Water uniquely designed for cellular hydration.

Tastes great just like natural spring water

Emulates Mother Nature’s water cycle filtering toxins in your drinking water and adding a balanced range of alkaline minerals.

State-of-the-Art 10 Stage Process

Designed by zazen in Australia for local water conditions together with the world’s leading water scientists.

Creates alkaline mineral water naturally

Our philosophy of creating alkaline mineral water naturally, not artificially, ensures your body hydrates at a cellular level.

Easy to setup and maintain

No plumbing, no electricity, environmentally friendly just like Mother Nature.

Only 5c a litre on tap in your kitchen!

Drink it, wash your veggies in it, cook with it, fill the kettle and your pet’s water bowls!

Reduces fluoride & BPA free

Safely and effectively reduces fluoride up to 90% plus heavy metals & other harmful toxins.

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