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Why I Ripped up my Manuscript

As many of you may not have been aware I am writing book, or I was…until recently when I ripped up my manuscript. While this may seem like an impulsive and irrational move, I assure you this decision came after a great deal of reflection and contemplation. You...

School’s of Paleo Thought

Paleo, Primal, Ancestral Eating, AIP, Vegan, what the -? There is a multitude of diets and ways of eating out there but the ‘it’ diet of the moment is definitely Paleo. While the media has mutilated the Paleo framework to appear dangerous, experts in the field of...

Why Calories Don’t Matter

For years we have been told to avoid fat, especially saturated fat due to its high caloric density and that these calories will work against us if we are trying to loose weight. But what if I told you that this simply wasn’t true?


My Day On A Plate

When people ask me ‘What The Heck Do I Eat?’ they’re asking for a meal plan where they don’t think and just eat – preferably something delicious.

What The Heck Do I Eat?

With so much conflicting information purported through the mass media, there is much confusion about what exactly people should be eating. What do I advocate? Find out now!

Gut Health

While modern medicine may have only just recognised the complexities of the gut, we know that ancient medicine practices sought to rid pain and illness by working with the gastrointestinal tract, using herbs, natural elixirs and food as medicine. If you have been...

Why I Avoid Gluten

Gluten Free diets have come into vogue recently, and with all the hype around whether ‘To Eat, or Not To Eat Gluten’ I have decided to explain the reasons why I avoid gluten in my own life and in the production of Forage Cereals.  What Have We Done To...

Why Cut Money From Australian Health?

The Australian national interest is often sparked by threat to our hip pocket nerve, and so with ongoing discussions of Australian health funding cuts it is no surprise that many of us. It seems only natural to me that the best investment our Government could make is in great health for all Australians.

An Interesting Take On How To Read Food Labels

Understanding how to read food labels you can look beyond strategically advertised ‘healthy’ foodstuffs and identify the healthful wholefoods that will truly nourish you and your family by making informed health choices for you and your family, and choosing which products to buy and companies to support with your hard earned dollar.

Where Sugar Hides

Refined sugars now contaminate almost all foodstuffs; hidden in packet sauces, soft drinks, supposedly ‘healthy’ fruit juices, and cereals and of course any non or low fat products. For many of us this comes as a surprise, having been mislead by strategic marketing teams for so long. Find out how is sugar is hidden in ‘healthy foods’ using a myriad of different names to mask what has been coined as ‘the white poison’.

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