Why We Keep it RAW

by Apr 24, 2017

I founded Forage Cereals on the dream of delivering RAW, unprocessed, wholefoods to every breakfast table across the country. These dreams lead me along the journey of tracking and sourcing some of the world’s best-preserved superfood harvests and nutting out a way to bring them together in a sustainable and affordable way. I refused to comprise on quality or process and against all my business advisors best judgment kept all ingredients RAW and as close to their natural state as possible.

Yes it would have been easy to heat, kill or preserve these living foods so that they would last longer, taste ‘better’, but where was the active service in that, how could I ever justify introducing another ‘toasted muesli’ onto the market that was chock full of sugar and totally devoid of nutrients? As a health practitioner and a father I couldn’t and so in the face of adversity have continued along my journey of creating a RAW superfood muesli.

Why I Keep it Raw

To this day people never really seem to understand why I am so passionate about this, and so I will explain exactly why myself, and the team at Forage like to keep it RAW.

1. Increased Lipid Oxidation

Results from a 2008 study conducted by the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry" revealed a dramatic increase in lipid oxidation in roasted and heat-treated nuts when compared with raw ones. This means that healthful cells such beneficial fatty and amino acids are being damaged and extracted of their nutrients.

2. Increased Trans Fat Production

The same study revealed that the amount of Trans Fats produced during this processed increased, “Trans Fats”being a“bad fat” that has been known to raise dangerous (LDL) cholesterol levels and lower good (HDL) cholesterol levels, as well asincrease risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

3. Decreased Digestibility of Heat-Treated Nuts

A 2009 study published by the journal "Food Biophysics” found that roasting almonds greatly alters their cell structure, meaning that they are much faster absorbed by the body and satiate appetite for far shorter periods than raw nuts.

4. Links to Cancer Chemicals Have Been Found

A 2011 study by the "Journal of Food Science" revealed that roasting almonds above 130 degrees Celsius encourages acrylamide formation, a product with links to other cancer causing compounds.

5. Added Sugars & Oils

Baked or toasted mueslis and granolas require a coating of sweetener and oil to bind ingredients together; the quality of which is usually poor and keeps people hooked on a sugar addiction, and riding the blood sugar rollercoaster everyday.

Forage Cereal: My RAW Superfood Breakfast Range

By boycotting the demand for roasted and toasted, sugar laden mueslis I have created a blend of superfoods that remains true to its source and whole in its delivery of nutrients into the body; designed to keep you fuller for longer, functioning optimally and thriving off of real, live food.

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